In 2019 a group of Accountants set out on a mission – create an easy to navigate, cloud-based solution that would provide Xero data transparency for busy accounting and bookkeeping practices. Their main objective was to build a tool that didn’t try to modify the way people work, but simply provide a quick method to validate their client’s data and make corrective action.
With several members of the team experiencing the effects of “garbage-in, meaning garbage-out” that required hours of data checking before they could do what they were hired to do. They truly appreciated the need to validate client’s Xero data in a more timely manner, which lead to the vision for Zerlock.
Zerlock was developed as a tool to deliver standard and customised queries within seconds across all clients a practice manage, providing significant time saving, reduced write-offs and validation of Xero data integrity.
Proudly, this experienced team have been able to create a user experience for all types of xero users, and provide them a window into information previously unavailable.
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Meet the Founders

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Andrew Bursill

An Innovator and entrepreneur with 25 years experience in business leadership. Founding multiple businesses with several successful exits in the areas of professional services, software product development and resources. Deep experience in business foundation, operation, finance, governance, management and exiting of businesses.

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Ryan O’Grady

Founding and operating numerous digital web services businesses, Ryan has a passion for technology and product innovation. With over 15 years experience delivering digital solutions, prior experience as a CPA and studying Actuarial Studies, Ryan has a particular interest in bringing together these skills in delivering the Zerlock platform.

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