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Data Integrity: How To Get It, How To Keep It.

The seemingly elusive goal of data integrity is not as elusive as some businesses think. It just needs to be better understood, for without confidence in your numbers, you can’t make good business decisions.   In short, data integrity is not a “nice to have” – it’s essential. Smart business leaders know the best everyday decisions […]


You wouldn’t pay your clients bank debt, but are you paying for your client’s “data debt”?

With the rapid uptick in compliance and business practices to accommodate COVID-19, the pressure is non-stop for accountants and advisors everywhere. The knock-on effect for the ever-increasing workload for business advisory teams is significant. The new normal feels like a lot of low-value grunt work. The sheer volume of work required to validate client data […]


How to Reduce Data Debt and Stop Being the Data-Debt Officer

If you have a knack for taking the monkey off your clients’ backs without them knowing, this job is for you!  Seeking a professional who can offer cut-through insights to help clients make good businesses decisions (but never will). You will be an accomplished and trusted advisor who is happiest fixing tedious, avoidable mistakes in […]

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