Zerlock uncovers anomalies in Xero data instantly

The Xero Health Score traffic light system will show you the depth of your client’s data integrity hole before you leap into your work.  It will lead you directly to the transactions that need your attention rather than leaving you to uncover them.
Zerlock makes validating your client’s data so simple and fast, you’ll be amazed at the time you have to focus on the work you have been engaged to do, and how much faster you can deal with issues directly in Xero.

Test the integrity of your client’s xero file now*

*Single sign in with Xero, no email & no credit card required.

Sign in with Xero

With the integration of the sign in with Xero function, Zerlock provides a secure and seamless experience enabling access and analysis directly across all your xero clients, for all your team.

Add your Xero Organisations

Designed to support your practice across your entire client portfolio, simply add your clients and centralise the evaluation and management of your Xero organisations from the Xero Health Score dashboard.

Review the Portfolio Health Score

Review the data integrity of all clients simultaneously using the traffic light system, simply choose which clients are ready for review and those that need further attention by the client or the bookkeeper.

Assess the individual transactions

With the integrity of the data evaluated for specific date ranges (monthly/quarterly), expand the Report and click directly through to the highlighted transactions needing review, it’s that fast.

Deep Dive with Advanced Queries

Run a specific Advanced Query anytime across your entire Xero Client portfolio or just one, simply select the Organisation/s and the Advanced Query you want to run & include the date range of interest.

Export Data with Hyperlinks

Saving your practice and your client time, export the Query Results .csv file for immediate review and attention. Provided with the transaction hyperlinks for an even faster response.

Converting dirty data into your competitive advantage


Find it fast

Reduce WIP write-offs and identify the anomalies in your client’s Xero data at an unrivalled pace.


Edit It Instantly

Click directly into the transaction in question to take corrective action.


Advise with Accuracy

Confidently advise to your clients based on accurate, complete and consistent Xero data to drive their growth & yours.

Key Features

Zerlock’s data analysis will provide unparalleled insights into your client’s Xero data Integrity.


See what’s been left in Draft

Irrespective of how they got there, instantly view all draft transactions across multiple organisations to ensure all processing has been completed. 


Missing Monthly Journals

Know when you’re ready to run reports, with clarification that manuals journals have been done and are consistent. 


Incorrect GST Types

Maximise all tax refunds by quickly reviewing transactions where more than one GST Type has been used for a Contact or Account Code


Wipe out Mis-coding

Measure performance quickly by reviewing all contacts who have been coded to more than one account code.


Find the duplicates

Duplicates are easy to create when you have auto bank feeds, so we make sure you see all suspect duplicate transactions, including bills, spend money and manual journals.


Know what you don’t know

Based on the concept of Garbage in means garbage out, Zerlock has been developed to enable custom query creation to find out what you want to know about your client’s data.


Ready to try Zerlock?

For 30 days use the Xero Health Score across your Xero Client Portfolio - and see who is ready for Q2 Review & lodgement

*Trial of 30 days without commitment or credit card details. Head to our pricing page to find the best plan for your practice.