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Zerlock is the fastest way to assess the integrity of the data entered into Xero in one place across your entire client portfolio.

When you connect your online accounting software to Zerlock, great things start to happen!

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For 30 days use the Xero Health Score across your Xero Client Portfolio - and see who is ready for Q2 Review & lodgement

*Trial of 30 days without commitment or credit card details. Head to our pricing page to find the best plan for your practice.

What is Zerlock?

It discovers anomalies in Xero data for you instantly.

Zerlock is an intuitive investigative tool that finds inaccurate, incomplete and inconsistent transactions entered into your Xero client’s files, and takes you directly to the Xero transaction for immediate corrective action.

With all your Xero Clients added, the Xero Health Score Dashboard guides you directly to those clients with Data Integrity issues. Expand their score card results, and you see the transactions that need reviewing or correcting – instantly.